The Queen Momma

About Me

Hi everyone, first and foremost I would like you to meet the queen behind The Queen Momma.

My name is Apple and I am a doting mother to three super hyper kids! You may call me Mommy Apple.


I have loved writing for as far as I can remember. I was drawn into creating my own blog alongside recovering from postpartum relapse soon after my third (and most previous) pregnancy. By then, I was more attached to digging deeper the twists and turns of Motherhood and currently devoted to sharing my own knowledge and experiences through the sweetest but sometimes messy world called MOM Life.

Born to ride unicorns🦄💫✨

So now I am honored and privileged to finally open my story to all of you — for the moms, mothers to be and to all the women who aspires to become a Queen Momma someday, whose kind of love never wavers.

Right at this moment, in lieu of the vibrant festivities that are happening all around the universe, with my heart full of Love, Joy and Appreciation…

I lovingly welcome you all to The Queen Momma where all the wonders, adventures and magic happen!👸

Dads, this blog is for you too!😘